Patent protection is provided for any invention, irrespective of a technical area, which is:

  • novel,
  • has a certain level of innovation, and
  • it can be industrially applied.

    Our company provides professional assistance in obtaining patent protection in the Republic of Croatia and abroad (European Patent, PCT, the national patent for individual countries).

Upon client’s request we offer a complete service regarding the patent protection:

  • Giving advice and opinions regarding patentability of the invention and its financial performance,
  • Preparation and submission of patent applications
  • Management procedures to register patents in Croatia and internationally (for those countries for which there is an economic or financial benefit to our client)
  • Management of all the necessary steps for maintenance of a patent, potential transfer of rights and drafting of the license agreement.

In addition, we offer services of high quality professional translations from major languages into Croatian and vice versa, both for finished patents as well as patent applications.