Before applying for an award of industrial property rights (patent, trademark, or industrial design) it is advisable to carry out a search of the existing state of protection in a particular segment that is of interest to the client. In this way, potential violations of existing and registered rights can be avoided with high degree of certainty. At the same time, insights can be gained into actions made by the competition as well as potential violations of client’s prior intellectual property. If necessary, actions can then be taken to protect our client’s intellectual property rights.

The purpose of the search is to assist clients in assessing trends and financial and legal risks in some segments of industrial property rights. Clients can choose the most appropriate form of protection of their intellectual property rights based on the results of our search and expert analysis of the documents.

It is also very important that the owner of a trademark discovers potential violations by third parties in a timely fashion. This oversight is performed by our company at our client’s request with the purpose of reducing client’s expenditures and damages brought about by the violations.