Relevant provisions of the Croatian Law on Trademarks stipulate that:

"The trademark can protect any sign that can be displayed graphically, particularly words, including personal names, drawings, letters, numbers, shapes of products or their packaging, three-dimensional shapes, colors, and combinations of the above-mentioned signs, provided they are suitable to distinguish the products or services of one entrepreneur from goods or services of another entrepreneur."

Trademark (or "brand" - as some sources refer to this form of intellectual property) guarantees its holder the exclusive right to use it during the entire time of registration and for a period of 10 years, but this deadline may be extended indefinitely.

Our company can provide clients with a complete service regarding the procedures for:

  • Application, registration, and maintenance of a trademark
  • License registration
  • Drafting of the license agreement
  • Assigning of rights
  • Continuous monitoring (for the entire duration of the trademark) of the existence of applications or registrations of trademarks of third parties which are potentially identical or similar to our client’s trademark.

With respect to the last item, we can first advise our clients about appropriate actions to take before the competent authorities in Croatia and then take all legal actions to protect the rights deriving from the application / registration of the mark.

Given our numerous contacts and business relationships with intellectual property representatives throughout the world, we can provide our clients with prompt, efficient and ultimately successful protection of the rights arising from the trademark in countries around the world, and for which the client wants to achieve protection based on international registration of trademarks (under the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement, as well as national applications in individual countries).

At the request of a client we can also perform a profitability analysis and provide recommendations regarding the protection of the trademark before any actions are taken.

Furthermore, we provide services to monitor possible violations of trademark rights before the competent customs office, including information regarding necessary actions and associated costs. We can also undertake all required legal and administrative actions, as requested by our client.

Our company also provides a service to protect Internet domain names, which in this day and age of growing Internet-based business are an important identifier not only of companies but also of their products and services.